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Thank you, Everyone!

Over the past several months, I've been inspired and amazed by the commitment of the people of this District to improving the lives of everyone who lives here. I've been grateful for the tremendous support that's been given to me and the other candidates by people determined to elect a representative who puts her constituent's interests ahead of the interests of wealthy donors.

I've also been clear that I will leave the campaign if and when I decide that the best way forward for the District is for me to step back. That time has come. I've decided to suspend my campaign and give more space for the voters to get to know the other candidates, so that they can decide who will best represent our District in Congress. As I've told many people I've gotten to know this year, you're still going to see me because I'm committed to flipping this seat, and then working to improve the lives of everyone in this District. But I've decided I can best do that without the constraints of a campaign that forces me to downplay some of the issues about which I care the most, because I'm afraid of alienating voters we will need. In addition to helping elect our first female representative for this District, I'll be joining the Poor People's Campaign (at to fight more broadly for the social justice issues that as a country we must fix before we can become everything we know we can be.

Thank you so much to my campaign team Dyana Polk, Luis Amezcua and Nolan Pack, to Kris Johnson and Tita Bladen for their untiring support of our campaign, and to everyone else across the District who is showing up and fighting for the things that matter. Together, we will create a better world for our kids.


Our economic growth has shifted away from workers to wealthy stockholders. Wages are draining away, not keeping up with living expenses while corporate profits soar. Millions of hard-working Americans live in poverty, spending over half of their income just to put a roof over their head. We have working families with children in our community who live in their automobiles or couch surf with relatives just to survive. Talented, educated workers scramble for minimum wage part time jobs. This does not need to happen. We need better paying, family sustaining jobs.

Three areas of infrastructure need federal support, but have been completely ignored by our Congressional representatives for over a decade:

  1. High-speed internet is needed throughout our district, including the Sierra communities to enable workers and businesses. Schools and community colleges also are in desperate need of high speed internet.
  2. Investment in education also is vital. Our school buildings are old, the labs and equipment outdated. We need to invest in the teachers who will be educating our youth. This is a top priority throughout the district.
  3. Safe, reliable roads are needed to move people, products and raw materials throughout our district. In addition to thousands of miles of roads needing repair, we must expand existing roads and build new roads in traffic congested areas.

As Californians, we pay taxes far beyond the benefits we receive. It is time to make sure our district receives its fair share.