The Road to Ragnarök

Book I of The Road to Ragnarök

Lost Long

After centuries of living alone, the Norse God of Love finds himself drawn to Lia and a love he doesn’t want, launching a battle with family members determined to end Lia’s life as Freyr strives to save it.

Freyr, the Norse God of Love, doesn’t want to drag Lia into the strange world of gods and giants hidden in humanity’s midst. But after Lia witnesses the impossible in the sky above her on a dark Los Angeles morning, he has no choice. Hoping to save her from members of his family determined to end her life, Freyr, his sister Freyja, and her husband Will take Lia to the other side of the earth, into the realm of dragons and monsters far below, and finally to the mythical land of Asgard to bargain for her safety. Along the way, as Freyr discovers a love he couldn’t have anticipated and didn’t want, he must decide how far he will go to protect Lia from the fight that his brothers started and he must end.

Books II, III and IV

Enemies Eternal Final June 2022
Book II of The Road to Ragnarök

Enemies Eternal

Alive Again Final (July 20 2022)
Book III of The Road to Ragnarök

Alive Again

Heavy Heart Final 8-20-22
Book IV of The Road to Ragnarök

Heavy Heart

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