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The journey is just as important as the destination and it should be just as fun.

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Rochelle Wilcox

Author, Attorney, Activist. I write stories about gods and the humans they love, legal briefs I hope judges will love, and commentary on issues I love.

Rochelle Wilcox was born and raised in Las Vegas, where she learned at an early age the value of fantasy and escape. Raised by a single mom — one of the first women trained to deal poker in the early 70’s — Rochelle spent more time in casinos than most adults. She and her husband decided to leave the desert behind and raise their sons in Northern California, where they spend as much time on the water as they can. 

Despite her lifelong passion for story-telling, Rochelle’s path took her to law school and then to a practice focused on media law and appeals. But her love of writing wasn’t sated with briefs bound by legal principles and a fealty to facts. And so she started to tell the story that had been playing in her mind for years, based on the Norse mythology she loved as a child and built around her favorite character, the Norse God of Love, Freyr.

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I graduated from law school and started my practice at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP. I’ll have spent 24 years there when I retire at the end of 2022.

My life as a mom began with Albert. Al, Albert and I moved to the Sacramento area to build our life as a family there.

My journey as a mom continued with Stephen.

I started writing Lost Long, Book I of what would become a four-part series.

I self-published Lost Long on Amazon, but didn’t put in the work to find its audience as I started writing Book II, Enemies Eternal. 

I finished Enemies Eternal and started writing Book III, Alive Again.

I finished Book III, Alive Again, and started writing Book IV, Heavy Heart. 

I finished Heavy Heart and with it, The Road to Ragnarök. The full series was released in 2022, and I’m starting the next series.

Books II, III and IV

Enemies Eternal Final June 2022
Book II of The Road to Ragnarök

Enemies Eternal

Alive Again Final (July 20 2022)
Book III of The Road to Ragnarök

Alive Again

Heavy Heart Final 8-20-22
Book IV of The Road to Ragnarök

Heavy Heart